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    • Included

      All meals, snacks and drinks, including milk, juices, morning snacks, 2 course lunch, afternoon snack and tea – Bottled feeds are to be provided by the parent
      Nappies, creams, wipes etc. are to be provided by the child’s parent

    • Childcare Vouchers

      We are registered with many companies that provide childcare vouchers as an alternative way to pay part of your fees. Please ask at the nursery for more information.

    • Tax Credits

      Parents are able to claim Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit against the costs of childcare which helps considerably towards the fees. Please find further information on the following link; www.gov.uk/browse/benefits/tax-credits

    • Nursery Education Grant

      Canoe Lake Nursery is able to claim for the Educational Grant for all children over 3 years old, the term after their 3rd birthday this is for 11 hours per week over the year (51 weeks).

    • Absences

      We do not offer reductions or alternative days for any absences, this also applies to parental holidays.

    • Late Collection

      It is the policy of Canoe Lake Nursery, that if any parent is late collecting their child from the Nursery, we have no alternative but to charge a fee. This will be £5.00 for 5-10 minutes then £1.00 for every 5 minute thereafter.